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Orthopedic Service Company

Orthopedic Service Company had a site that was limited by a proprietary CMS. This made it difficult for them to add new pages, edit existing pages or improve their SEO.

LTTR customized a WordPress template to be more accessible to their clientele and match their brand. Our goal was to create an SEO solution that allowed them to rank in regional areas. After the site was implemented they saw an increase in leads and improved rankings.  

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Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds

Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds had a site that was fairly well optimized, but only for limited terms and locations. They provide a high-quality product for their customers and needed an update to their site that was more aesthetically appealing.

They were also losing leads due to their site not being mobile-friendly. Our primary focus was creating a beautiful design with improved CTA’s to drive leads. In roughly a month they saw their organic traffic more than double and grew their customer base significantly.


Shred Ace

Shred Ace provides mobile shredding services to multiple large metro areas throughout North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. The challenge was to provide a personalized feel and local targeting for each of their service areas.

To solve this, we implemented a customized WordPress theme across four domains. The new sites were optimized for mobile and focus on improved calls to action. We created original content to target specific services in each area in order to improve their rankings. After all the changes were implemented, Shred Ace saw a boost in site traffic, mobile traffic and more quality leads.

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TDF Patagonia Tour

TDF Patagonia Tour provides guided tours to domestic and international travelers. They needed a new site that allowed them to improve SEO and edit/add existing pages

They also wanted to show off the beauty of the tour locations to make their services more attractive to visitors. We found a template and fully customized it with slide shows and graphics as well as mobile-friendly features. We created meta data and improved SEO to target local and international visitors. Their site quickly started to receive leads and went from no rankings to many in the top 10. 



Vacation Transfers and Tours

Vacation Transfers and Tours needed a newer site to show off their high-quality services and the beauty of their destination tours.

We customized a WordPress template that allowed them to prominently display their fleet of vehicles and present an image of trustworthiness and reliability. Our writers also created custom copy for new pages that would more accurately target their key locations and demographics. This, along with mobile optimization, helped drive leads and increase organic traffic. 



Mavi Parra Blog

Virginia is a writer that has worked with us for many years. She had her own travel related blog on another server and was overdue for an upgrade and updated design.

Her site was unsupported and needed something that would function and feel familiar to her readers. We quickly migrated her site to our servers and optimized it for mobile which gave her more freedom and helped build readership. 

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